Perfect homogenization in record time !

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Description et caractéristiques techniques :

Easy to use

● Quick assembly, no installation constraint in the workplace
● Standard compressed air network needed


● Safety belt in inclued to avoid any risk for the end-user
● Adjustable can clamp holds cans securely
● Floor mounting pedestral
● easy positioning and locking of can

Quick and Effective

● Mixes most paints in less 2 minutes (700rpm)

Sturdy and Easy to maintain

● External lubricating of bearings
● Automatic compressed air lubrication

Technical specifications

● Dimensions (overall, with foot) : 410 x 440 x 1120 mm / 16,14 in x 17,32 in x 44,1 in
● Built to take all types of cans : from 0.5L* to 5L
● Compressed air : 5/8 bar – 125 L/mn
● Floor mounting pedestal and safety belt included
● Oscillating movement : 700 RPM
*a spacer may be needed